This class was just what I needed! Not too crowded and the instructor was great.

Anonymous | BK Beats 2/3

Great studio, great owners, overall amazing class! Will come again for sure.

Anonymous | BK Curvy Flow

BK Beats with Alex was so great! Loved the studio and everybody there was super welcoming and friendly. Would go again!

Anonymous | BK Beats 1

Love everything about this studio. The message, the beautiful space, the nice staff. Highly recommend! ❤️

Anonymous | Morning Beats w/ Sound Bowl

Monica was a great instructor! The class was challenging, but good stretch breaks in between. The studio is beautiful and cozy. You feel right at home when you walk in. I believe I met the owner and she was super welcoming and we talked afterwards about upcoming events. Overall I would definitely go back for another class!

Anonymous | BK Breath & Sculpt

Wonderful class in a beautiful studio! A great vibe and challenging, but gentle, flow — definitely recommend

Anonymous | BK Soul Flow

Alicia is amazing! Such an awesome class, great flow, positive vibes and a beautiful space. I feel so spoiled and centered. Will definitely be back!

Anonymous | BK LIT Flow

So much more than a yoga class. I went there to check out a new studio in the neighborhood and afterward the whole class sat in a circle, drinking wine and talking for an hour. What an amazing tribe of people! Also the best playlist. LOVE.

Anonymous | BK LIT Flow

“As a person that is not a yoga person at all! I had an amazing time at my first class with BK Yoga Club. 
The vibes are right and the instructors made everyone feel comfortable at whatever level they were! 
Can’t wait to go back.
Plus they took this amazing picture me in Warrior position, (I don’t which warrior pose, but I was on it!)”

- Joseph Shayne | Manhattan, NY

“i loved it 👍👍👍. recommend all who are interested in self-care to participate, it was the first time for me and definitely a life-changing experience. i’m still holding on to my dedication to peace. looking forward to my next session in a week. God bless you guys and you guy’s rock as instructors.”

- Denise .G | Harlem, NY

The perfect start to my day! Alicia’s class was the perfect balance of stretching and flow, the music set the mood perfectly, and the studio is beautiful. I will definitely be back.

- Morse | Brooklyn, NY

“Gorgeous space, excellent instructor, fantastic new yoga studio!”

-Maskevich | Brooklyn, NY